Interviews / Case reports

Excerpt of an Interview with Pain Management Specialist Dr. Erin Troy
 Muller Veterinary Hospital and The Canine Rehabilitation Center, California

“If I have a patient with a diagnosis of something more than pain – osteoarthritis, non-healed fracture, post-op cruciate ligament, post-op hip replacement, IVDD – I recommend the Loop. I talk to families very frankly, letting them know that it’s non-invasive and that there are no side effects – two things I cannot say about drugs. There’s a good amount of human literature that supports the technology behind it. I talk with them about the convenience, because you can’t get any more convenient than something you can do in your own home. I think every pet owner should have one, provided they can learn how and where to use it.”

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Excerpt from an Interview with Dr. Laurie McCauley
DVM, DACVSMR, CCRT, CVA, CVC, American Holistic Veterinary Medicine Association

“We commonly use the Assisi Loop for acute pain with patients that have had back or neck injuries. We also use it for post-op orthopedic patients – for example post-cruciate injury or surgery. The Assisi Loop® is a great tool for people who travel a distance to see us. It’s something we can send home with them to use as needed. My own personal dachshund had severe neck pain when he was 11 years old. We were considering surgery as he hates acupuncture and would struggle when we attempted to insert needles. We were also unable to perform chiropractic therapy with him. It was just too painful for him. We switched to a more hands-off approach—we used the Assisi Loop, essential oils, and laser. Within 24 hours of switching, he was significantly better. Surgery was never performed and he is doing great.”

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Case Presented by Dr. Aurelio Chaux
Cedar Sinai Hospital, Los Angeles

A colt, Retorno de Maria, was out to pasture when he was kicked in the leg, opening a large wound. The decision was made not to suture the skin and instead to wash the wound thoroughly, cover it with antiseptic ointment and wrap the leg. Treatment with the Loop was started immediately. The leg was wrapped for the first two days of treatment only and the colt received no other treatment or medications. “To my surprise, the wound had healed completely and the remaining scar is small, there is no residual pain and movement in the leg is normal. One month later, there is no swelling or lameness.”

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Case Presented by Dr. Eric Lewis
Bell Road Animal Medical Center, Montgomery

The dog Petey was abandoned on a hot summer day in Montgomery, Alabama. Someone found him and brought him to the Bell Road Animal Medical Center. Dr. Eric Lewis began treating Petey’s wounds immediately. Even with newer technology like the therapy laser, the extent of Petey’s wounds warranted a delayed healing process, but Dr. Lewis was shocked at the speed of healing using the Assisi Loop®. “It’s taken at least 30% less time to heal than I thought it would. I expected it to go fast because I’ve certainly seen the laser make a difference, but it went faster because the Assisi Loop was involved.”

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Case Presented by Lis Conarton

LVT, CCRP, Veterinary Medical Center, New York

“Autumn is a spirited 18-year old Maine Coon who was suffering from long-term effects of osteoarthritis and chronic inflammation, which decreased her quality of life. Shortly after beginning a physical rehabilitation program we added on the Assisi Loop®. This addition allowed Autumn’s owner to provide therapy at home which was otherwise not possible. Autumn’s owner noticed a change almost immediately. Autumn never tolerated massage or grooming, but seemed to enjoy Loop treatments. The ability for owners to continue treatment at home is essential and Assisi Loop therapy provides this for Autumn and her family.”

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Case Presented by Dr. Erin Troy

Muller Veterinary Hospital and The Canine Rehabilitation Center, California

Millie is a 7-year-old Labrador Retriever. She had a sudden flare of her multi-limb osteoarthritis and was suffering from a lot of pain. It was nearly impossible for her to stand or walk by herself. She has permanent Inflammatory Bowel Disease. As a result, she has dietary and medication restrictions and minimal treatment options. Dr. Troy initiated treatment with the Assisi Loop® and within 10 days, Millie was not only walking and climbing stairs again but able to get in a few short runs in the back yard. After she regained full mobility, her protocol was reduced from daily treatments to occasional treatments as needed for pain.

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Case Presented by Pet Owner Dr. Sean Hagberg

Rio Grande Neurosciences

“Ginger, a German Shepherd, tore her ACL while playing and needed surgery. Her orthopedic surgeon loved the idea of using an Assisi Loop® post-surgically. In fact, he had the unit taped to her right after surgery. Ginger was acting like her old self within 3 days and you wouldn’t have known she’d had surgery, except for the “cone of shame.” Our vet stated that she healed in half the usual time, and she did this without any pain medication.  We were really lucky to have access to the Assisi Loops.” 

Case Presented by Pet Owner David Mazzoni

Veterinary Specialty Center, Delaware

“I treat post-op recovery patients daily and can honestly say your product made a significant difference in the amount of comfort and speed in which Bob recovered.”

Bob is a 3-year-old long-haired Chihuahua. In October 2013, he had bilateral Medial Patella Luxation (MPL) surgery – a surgery on both knee caps simultaneously to prevent them from “popping” out of place. Recovery may have seemed daunting for a little dog with two bum knees, but Bob was up and moving one day after his surgery with Dr. Scott Roberts of the Veterinary Specialty Center of Delaware (VSCD).“

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Case Presented by Dr. Tim Crowe

DVM, Lake Chatuge Animal Hospital, Young Harris

Rayne, a 15-month-old Great Dane, presented all the clinical signs of a cervical malformation – myelopathy, unable to rise without assistance, diminished proprioception and a typical “Wobbler” disease gait. The Loop was placed over her head and positioned over the affected portion of the neck. The first treatment improved coordination and she was able to rise on her own with difficulty. Her gait continued to improve with daily treatments. Rayne continues to do well at six months later. She still shows slight ataxia. Otherwise, deficits are not detectable and she runs and plays with no or very little compromise.

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Excerpt from an Interview with Dr. Stephanie Medcroft

 Small animal integrative practitioner, Maryland

“I have found the Loop to be very useful for inflammatory conditions – internal as well as external – and for wound healing. It is also a common tool in many of my chronic osteoarthritis treatment plans, especially cats, when we have so little else that can be used safely and in dogs with lumbosacral disease and pain. Because it reduces inflammation, I started using it with cats who had pancreatitis and early stages of cystitis. My own cat has had two episodes of cystitis and was blocked twice as an older cat.  This year I think I warded off an impending blockage with the Assisi Loop®.”

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